“I have a very serious break in my leg, Dr. Kam and his staff have shown great care and done everything possible to facilitate my recovery.”
Jamie S.

“Doc Kam has been a fantastic orthopedic surgeon and his staff has been great! In less than six months time he successfully removed bone spurs on both R & L elbow, which included the scoping of both the interior and exterior of each elbow–small incisions–little to no joint pain post surgery and the results have been fantastic! Expect muscle soreness from stretching if mobility was impacted from spurs. A third surgery was done for a right ulnar nerve anterior transposition–moving the nerve to the front of the medial epicondyle–I was very sore for about two weeks after the procedure. The right ulnar nerve was very tight before elbow scoping and post surgery stretching was unable to elongate the nerve enough before numbness in the right pinky finger occurred, along with reduced right hand strength from nerve aggravation. Post Ulnar nerve surgery- ( 6 weeks now)–the nerve has felt better, some improved strength–not fully recovered yet! Thank you Doc. Kam for doing such a great job.”
Mike O.

“I am 9 weeks post-OP from a total hip replacement. Dr. Kam has been amazing. He was caring, thoughtful and patient with my questions. He followed up with a call a few days after surgery to check on me. The surgery was a wonderful success — I am walking with no pain for the first time in several years. Dr. Kam said the surgery would be life-changing for me and he was right. Thank you Dr. Kam! I have a normal life back!”
Karen T.

“Dr. Kam replaced my hip. He was wonderful and so is my new hip.”
Lynn B.

“I liked Dr. Kam and his Nurse Practitioner. They were both professional and thorough and seemed genuinely determined to help with my arthritic hip.”
William M.

“They have taken care of all my needs, with no problems, the staff is friendly and caring.”

“Very thorough. Caring and understanding. Explained everything. Surgery was on schedule. Everything turned out amazing!!! I definitely recommend Dr. Kam for any orthopedic surgery. He is just fantastic!”
LaToya C.

“So it’s been almost 7 months since my left hip surgery and more than a year since my right hip surgery by Dr. Kam and his staff. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to be pain free and strong again. Dr. Kam and his staff are excellent and I would recommend him & them any time anyone needs orthopedic surgery. After years of pain moving I am now literally completely pain free and I’m ecstatic about it! Thank You so very much! <3" Kitty W.